Start Up


Business start-up and set-up consulting.

"Numerous statistics prove that professional advice significantly increases the chances of success of founders."
Regardless of whether a start-up, a participation in a company or a company purchase is planned, with a professional start-up concept you lay the foundation for your successful self-employment.

Our consulting services include:
-Examining the start-up idea
-Analysis of the market prospects and competitive conditions
-Development of your business concept taking into account the market positioning, marketing strategy, customer structure, business organisation, etc.
-Investigation of investment and resource requirements
-Production of a financing plan taking into account public funding
-Production of profitability - and liquidity forecasts for the first three financial years
-Concrete action recommendations

Not only do we advise you during your first steps in self-employment, but also in the subsequent development phase.

From us you will receive the necessary strategies that will help your young business stay on the road to success.

"We put you on the road to success with new perspectives for your company."

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